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Buick Extended Warranty

Updated on January 13, 2022

If you’re thinking about buying a Buick, then chances are you are wondering about protecting it, maintenance costs, and the Buick warranty. Buick is a well-known North American make that’s been around since 1908. They began in motorsports and have evolved into the affordable premium make that we have today. They are sold in the US, Canada, and Mexico. If you already own a Buick, then you know how nice of a drive they are. They are comfortable and safe, but how reliable are they?

Buick lands somewhere in the middle for reliability when compared to all the other car brands. Its ranking is 3.5 out of 5.0. This means that as a current or future Buick owner, you may want to factor the price of repairs into your budget. On average, you can expect to pay about $600 annually in repairs. Over the course of ten years, you will have spent about $8 600 in maintenance costs. Though it’s affordable to buy a brand-new Buick, unfortunately, it’s ranked as one of the most expensive cars to maintain. These, of course, are the average costs of maintaining your Buick. Many factors will affect costs, such as the age of your car, its mileage, and how well it’s maintained.

If you’re a current Buick owner trying to lower your maintenance costs or you have your eye on a brand-new Buick, don’t let these numbers discourage you. This is where we come in! Select Auto Protect offers a Buick extended warranty that helps you save money and keep your Buick in great shape regardless of whether it’s brand new or already well-loved.

What’s Included in a Buick New Car Warranty?

Of course, most car manufacturers have their own standard warranty. So, what does the Buick new car warranty include? If you were to buy a brand-new 2021-2022 Buick, you’d have the option between two different limited warranties. The first is given automatically upon purchasing a new vehicle and provides a 3 year or 36 000-mile bumper-to-bumper limited warranty, whichever occurs first.

This warranty covers any defects related to the way the vehicle was made during manufacturing. The other Buick warranty is optional and is a 5 year or 60 000-mile Powertrain warranty. This warranty covers any defects related to the way the Powertrain components of your vehicle were made. This extended warranty can only be purchased while you are buying your vehicle.

What About Buick’s Protection Plans?

Buick owners also have the option to purchase a protection plan from Buick to protect their vehicles once the manufacturer’s warranties expire. The Buick Platinum Protection Plan is available in different terms starting at the lowest: a 24-month term or coverage for 24 000 miles, whichever comes first. The other options are a 36-month or 36 000-mile term, a 48-month or 48 000-mile term, and a 60 month or 60 000-mile term.

You can customize this plan to cover what you need within your budget. You can choose to protect your car's appearance with the “Appearance Guard” plan, or you can select “Tire and Wheel Protection” which will cover the costs to repair damaged tires and includes roadside assistance. You can also choose a plan that allows you to pay for your maintenance ahead of time. These are all great options, but they still leave a lot of your vehicle unprotected.

None of the Buick warranties or protection plans cover essential parts such as brakes, exhaust components, or batteries. They also don’t offer to lock out services or rental cars. Another limitation is that in order to make use of these warranties or protection plans, the car must be brought to an Authorized Buick Dealer. Buick’s plans leave a lot to be desired when it comes to convenience, protecting your new vehicle, and saving you money on costly repairs.

Why purchase a Buick Extended Warranty from Select Auto Protect?

The warranties and protection plans that Buick offers may seem appealing, but they will still leave you with hefty repair bills. They cover a limited number of parts but leave out important and expensive parts as well. The Buick extended warranty must be purchased at the time you are buying your vehicle and will likely expire before they are really needed. If you’ve owned a vehicle before, then you know how frustrating it can be when the warranty expires, and suddenly you have a few thousand dollars in repairs to pay for.

With a Select Auto Protect plan, the age of the car doesn’t matter. You don’t have to decide to purchase our warranties while you are buying the car. You can focus on the major life purchase you are already making and not worry about an extended car warranty until later when the dust has settled and you’ve driven your brand-new Buick off the lot.

How do I Qualify for a Select Auto Protect Buick Extended Warranty?

We like to keep things simple. All we look for is that your car is in good working condition when we offer you one of our warranty options. We do not need to inspect your vehicle either. All we need is your VIN and your odometer reading at the time of purchase. We also do not limit the number of claims you can make with us. You are free to make a claim any time you need to.

You aren’t limited by where you can take your vehicle for repairs. You get to choose where you bring your vehicle and simply provide them with your Select Auto Protect information when you request the repairs. We will then pay up-front for all the repairs that are covered under your chosen plan. You won’t ever have to pay and wait for reimbursement!

What’s Included in a Select Auto Protect Buick Extended Warranty

With Select Auto Protect you have the option between three plans that each offer different coverage and pricing. The lowest coverage offered is our “Silver Plan”. This plan offers great protection including coverage of your engine, transmission, brakes, and even roadside assistance and a rental car. Even though it’s our lowest level plan, there is nothing basic about it. You get a well-rounded plan that covers all the important parts of your vehicle. The middle-level coverage, our “Select Gold plan”, covers everything that the basic plan offers, plus it offers protection for your steering system and lock-out assistance.

The plan that offers the most coverage is the “Select Platinum”. This plan covers everything from the engine to the brake system and even offers protection for your suspension, your tech, and your fuel system. This is a great plan for putting your mind at ease. You won’t have to worry about sudden costly repairs. However, if you can’t afford the Platinum plan, you are still getting great protection with any of our coverage plans.

Buying a new car should be an exciting experience. You want to make sure your new Buick is protected so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible. Whether you’re buying a brand-new car or have already enjoyed one for a while, we’re here to help make sure it lasts.

Your Buick extended warranty prices will be based on your needs when you choose the Select Auto Protect plan that’s right for you. Click here to find out which one of our plans best suits your needs and learn more about our Buick extended warranty costs.

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