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BMW Extended Warranty

Updated on January 13, 2022

BMW cars have always set the benchmark of providing world-class automobiles for their consumers. Their motto 'Sheer Driving Pleasure' resonates with the quality of vehicles they provide, along with a long list of content customers.

They offer a wide range of vehicles, including SUVs, convertibles, M performance cars, and sporty sedans. Unfortunately, as one would comprehend from their exquisite line-up, these cars don't come cheap; you have to spend a decent amount of money to get a BMW vehicle. Even the most low-priced offering, the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe, costs a staggering $35,700.

If you opt for a new car, especially a BMW, and spend a lot of money to purchase it, you're probably going to want to take good care of it so that the parts last as long as possible. This is why we suggest you avail of a BMW extended warranty which can help you properly maintain your car and not worry about hefty repair charges.

We will cover various topics related to a BMW extended warranty, such as firstly what an extended warranty is, the pre-offered warranty plans BMW offers, and what these plans cover. Additionally, we will also be discussing third-party contracts you can opt for.

What is an Extended Warranty?

An extended warranty is a contract that covers the services provided by your car and allows you to avoid expensive repairs. The agreement's fundamentals are elementary: you submit monthly payments and, perhaps when mechanical servicing is necessary, you simply pay a deductible charge. Let us phrase it this way to make it more transparent: the agreement is a repairing coverage contract, not a manufacturer's warranty.

Many car owners believe that there is no actual purpose of an extended warranty as to when you actually want it to cover your expenses; it does the opposite. Hence they believe that it is just a money-wasting option, which doesn't fulfill its purpose. The reason behind this undesirable belief is that these car owners do not thoroughly understand the policies of the contract and still opt for it.

We suggest that you should thoroughly consult your extended warranty provider and ask them to provide you with an option that best matches your criteria. You can pick out the services and parts you want the warranty to cover, and when the time comes, you do not reach a dead-end.

All you need to know about a BMW extended warranty

Purchasing a BMW is an incredibly happy moment. But, with expensive cars come costly repairs, and we do not want you to be in a position where the hefty repair costs end up exhausting your bank balance.

We believe every BMW owner should opt for a BMW warranty coverage that will minimize the burden of the repairs and put you to ease. Every part of this automobile needs to be imported, and even getting the oil changed isn't simple, hence the expensive cost. When you purchase the car, you will be offered several company-covered packages, an example being the warranty for vehicles that have run over 100,000 miles.

Apart from the manufacturer warranty, which has a limited lifespan, you must look for alternatives to when it would terminate. For example, if you have a BMW and your manufacturer warranty is about to expire, it would be best to look for a third-party BMW warranty that would help you later.

We recommend all BMW owners opt for a plan after they have read reviews; this way, you can better understand the coverage and learn what other individuals have to say about the procedure.

BMW warranty coverage

After the company allotted warranty expires, BMW offers its customer to choose a BMW extended warranty which enables you to expand your coverage. There are three different extended insurance alternatives available. If you decide to opt for these deals, you can rest assured that the contract is backed by the company itself, which minimizes the room for error and provides you with added benefits.

It would seem that the manufacturer's extended warranty would be preferable to a third-party contract. Nonetheless, after extensive study, we have identified certain disadvantages of it, and you must have a look at them to make an informed decision.

Overview of the extended warranty deals provided by BMW

There are three plans – the coverage limit extends up to 100,000 miles – the number of years you get the warranty is between one and three.


The company's warranty provides a range of basic alternatives of the BMW extended warranty to select from. Moreover, you get 100% genuine replacement parts and a variety of maintenance options recommended by the company itself.


The major disadvantage of choosing a company-based warranty is that you are limited with restricted options if you have a certified pre-owned automobile. Additionally, you have a short period in which you can avail of these services, compared to third-party providers that provide the warranties for an extended period.

One more disadvantage is that you do not have the flexibility to modify or alternate the contract, the ease of which other service providers do offer.

The three types of company-allotted plans:

All three contract types carry the same clauses, the first one being the period for the original manufacturing contract, which ranges from one to three years. The second is the extended warranty contract, which enables customers to choose between six options.

  • Platinum – covers almost the entirety of the car, but it is more expensive than gold and Powertrain. The only limitation is in regards to the particular exterior and interior parts.
  • Gold – Lesser options than the platinum, does not cover the car bumper to bumper, and also doesn't cover certain electrical systems.
  • Powertrain Plus – the contract with limited options covers basic parts and machines such as cooling, fuel, engine, drive assembly, and transmission.

Costs of BMW Repair

It is crucial to consider the repair costs you will have to incur as these cars have complex machines and parts added. Let's list some of the car parts of used BMW models and their costs to give you perspective. For example, if you have a 2016 BMW 740Li, the replacement suspensions cost approximately $6300.

The electronic components of a BMW vehicle are closely linked, unlike most other automobile types. Even highly qualified technicians will find it difficult to detect issues immediately as a result of this. It's not unusual to pay for a service that never really resolves the problem. This is why working with a reliable Extended Car Warranty Company is critical. They will take their resources to diagnose your vehicle's issues adequately.

How Much Does A BMW Extended Warranty Cost

The extended warranty BMW offers depends on the make and model of your car, and newer cars charge higher prices for their contracts compared to older models. The company allows dealerships to set their own pricing strategies.

We have derived information from the company's forums that have numerous user reviews and quotations listed for the extended warranty they opted for to provide you a rough estimate. According to some users, The Powertrain Plus costs around $1000 for 25,000 miles or one year. In contrast, the platinum warranty costs around $7,000 for a three-year deal.

Tips for saving your BMW

If you want your vehicle to last for longer, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Drive the vehicle on even terrains:

    This concerns the life of your suspension and tires; if you can avoid driving your vehicle on snowy terrains, then please do so. Additionally, always keep a check and inflate your tires to the optimum level.

  • Regularly follow the maintenance schedule:

    BMWs are robust vehicles, but even then, you must follow the scheduled maintenance routines to keep them at par. Changing the air filters and oil is crucial to maintaining your vehicle to avoid more considerable damages later.

Third-party BMW extended warranties

After your initial factory warranty expires, you must look for suitable alternatives to extend the warranty so that you can cut on expensive costs in the future. There are two ways to go on about it; you either opt for dealership warranties or third-party warranties.

The benefits of you selecting a third party over the one provided by a dealer are extensive. We will be highlighting all of them so that you are well-versed before deciding on what contract to buy. The first advantage you avail of is that you can opt for any car repair shop. You do not have to return to the dealership for every repair.

Additionally, you can also get aftermarket replacement parts over the ones provided by BMW – providing you with the flexibility to personalize your repairing experience. A coupled benefit of getting aftermarket parts is that they are much cheaper than the parts supplied by BMW dealerships.

Lastly, another benefit is that you can modify your BMW extended warranty according to your liking; you are not bound by only particular options that the company allots. You can consult with the third-party service provider regarding what components you want to get covered in the contract. They will offer you tailored alternatives to select from, and you can pick out the one that matches your needs.


BMWs are considered frontrunners in the automobile industry, and they offer a wide range of exceptional vehicles. What follows these stunning cars are the expensive repairing costs that may end up soaking your bank account. Select a suitable extended warranty program from Select Auto Protect, and get excellent yet flexible contract options in the USA and the ease of installing aftermarket parts.

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